Lovin Lentils

Yesterday was pretty uneventful on the food front. In fact I ended up eating random snacks throughout the day and photographed practically none of it – think banana, ricotta cheese with agave & dark chocolate chips, pita chips with hummus.

I ended up making a tasty dinner of lentils though! Its a keeper: healthy, 5 ingredients, & quick!

Lentils with Spinach & Feta

  • Precooked lentils of any kind
  • Can of roasted tomatoes
  • Feta
  • Spinach
  • Pepper


I started with this package of TJ’s Black Beluga Lentils. I picked them because a. they were sitting in my cabinent and b. all I had to do was heat them up in the microwave and add them to a pot.

While the lentils were heating up, I blended up a can of roasted tomatoes, liquid and all.

Add the lentils & blended tomatoes into a pan and cook on medium heat – just enough to warm them up and reduce some liquid.

Add fresh spinach to the pot until youve reached your desire amount. I used 3 handfuls since I wanted to bulk it up, and they shrink down so much.

Once spinach has cooked down into lentil mixture, add about 1/4 c of feta cheese and continue to cook on medium.

Allow mixture to simmer on stove until you are ready to serve up. Once you have put mixture in bowls add some extra feta on top for flavor & appeal.

I served ours on a bed of raw spinach. Matt paired his with some pita chips and I ate mine with a slice of baguette.

See you tomorrow for my final post before we leave on our cruise! You have a great line up of posts for when Im away!



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3 responses to “Lovin Lentils

  1. yum!!!!! lentils are so good! and pairing them with feta and spinach. awesome recipe!

    Also, I am totally jealous that you are going on a cruise!

  2. Lentils are the best! I can’t believe they’re so tasty and high on protein–yum!

  3. Megan

    Mmmm lentils are delicious!! Your dinner looks amazing..

    And pita chips are so dangerous in my apartment… I can’t be trusted around a bag of those!

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