Tortellini Caesar Salads

Yesterdays eats were considerably less exciting than the activities of my day. I started off with a PB&J breakfast cookie & had a banana as a snack during one of the breaks we were giving during our jury selection. I took these photos once I got home since I couldnt use electronics at the court house.



Once I got home I made a pita pizza.


I used ½ a WW pita with some tomato sauce, ½ a slice of cheddar, and finished it up with some spinach, ricotta, and cracked black pepper.


On my way to work I grabbed a Wallaby yogurt & my second to last Anjou.


Ive just started to get into this Wallaby yogurt and I really like it a lot. This flavor reminded me of Stoneyfield’s chocolate which is such a yummy yogurty treat.

The pear on the other hand was just so-so. If you asked me last month I would of said my favorite fruits were the 3P’s: Pineapple, Peaches, & Pears (all not canned, ew!) but lately pears have been rubbing me the wrong way – I dont know whats up!

We had a quick dinner of Tortellini Caesar Salads. As you probably know by now I love nothing more than a 5 ingredient or less recipe that takes practically no time to make – this fits the bill!

I boiled some water & added some tortellini to the pot.


As the stuffed pasta was cooking, I cut up some romaine and assembled some salads that I tossed with some Light Caesar dressing. It was our first time using this brand, but I highly recommend it, it was amazing!


Once the salad was tossed with the dressing, I let the tortellini cool by running cold water over them in a colander. Once the tortellini had cooled I tossed the pasta with the dressing & romaine and added some fresh Parmesan cheese.  


Since it was snowing I opted for some Hot Cocoa & a piece of Dove Milk Chocolate. Perfect.



Although I had a whirlwind of a busy day yesterday, it was important for me to fit in some exercise. Traditionally I take Friday & Saturday off as rest/relax days and I practice hot yoga on Sundays – but due to the Super Bowl Monday would of marked my 4th day in row with no exercise if I passed on working out. I try not to get too out of the habit of working out, because I find it so hard to get back in plus Im going to be in a bathing suit in 5 days so I had to get moving yesterday!

When Im pressed for time I try to fit in some core exercises like sit ups, planks, and wall sits. I had a full list of exercises I was going to do at work but then I decided to hope into a water aerobics class that was being offered while I was working instead. I was expecting that this would count as physical movement instead of a ‘workout’ but I was pleasantly surprised! The class was set up so that you could work as hard as you choose. I supplemented a lot of the easier exercises by engaging my legs or arms, or by jogging in place.

If I didn’t have the opportunity to jump into the Aerobics class I would of depended on a circuit workout like below.

No Time to Workout Workout:

  • Side planks
  • Planks
  • Bow pose
  • Boat pose
  • Locus pose
  • Wall sits
  • Star ups
  • Leg press with arm pump
  • Pilates roll ups
  • Lunges

Depending on your strength & experience with these moves your time will vary, but I usually hold things for at least 30 seconds and work by way up as I build strengths in each area.

I usually go through the set once and then go back to do doubles on some (like planks) and repeat the entire set if I have enough time.

Another positive: You can do it practically anywhere & need no equipment!

What do you do if you don’t have a schedule block of time to work out? Do you do core exercises like above? What other activities do you add to your rotations?

Other News:

Head over to Food Makes Fun Fuel to win a yogurt maker!

7 other exercises that you can do anywhere!

80/20 – I loved everyones feedback on the 80/20 style of eating. It sounds sounds like the crowd was split between following the 80/20 style or sticking to whole foods 100% of the time. Either way, I think we all agree that treats are a must!

See ya tomorrow!



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7 responses to “Tortellini Caesar Salads

  1. That tortellini salad looks so good! I am definitely going to try that. I love easy meals!

  2. OOO girl that looks GOOD!
    i love dove dark chocolate-NEVER tried the milk chocolate! i need to jump on it!
    that chocolate yogurt sounds divine!

  3. The tortellini salad looks great!!

    And I do circuits like that too, especially right now. I try to do Angela’s Whittle My Middle II moves almost every day.

  4. Megan

    Mmmm that tortellini salad looks AMAZING!! And I really should start doing more circuits.. with all the snow we’ve been getting here, I’m pretty much confined indoors all day!

  5. i love adding warm ingredients to cold salads. the combo is so delicious!!!

  6. I’ve got into a routine of doing some form of exercise after work and before dinner. I finish work at 4:00 so either go swimming, play badminton or do some yoga or exercise dvd at home. I don’t do weights or sit ups etc I hate gyms and don’t have any gym equipment, so find alternatives for the gym.

  7. I love Wallabye yogurt! So creamy and good. I feel like it has the most intense flavor…in a good way! I haven’t ever had the chocolate though…might need to try that soon! 🙂

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