Roll with the punches

Do you ever forget to do something major that youve know about more months? Well, thats exactly what happened to me this morning when I realized I hadnt confirmed whether or not I had to report for jury duty.

To keep a longer story short, I was working from 5:45-8:15am when it suddenly dawned on me that I was supposed to have call the automated hotline to see if I had been selected to report! I ended up calling around 6:30 & found out I was in fact selected and due to show up at 8:15!

Unlucky for me weve been having off and on snow, I live 15 minutes away from my home & 10 minutes away from the courthouse, & I had sweats on. Needless to say I had to dash home in rush hour slush, change, & speed to court – but I made it!

I spent about 6 hours at the court house going through series of questions and was ultimately not one of the 12 chosen. Maybe my luck turned around? Matt & I are planning on leaving Friday morning for our drive to Florida & I wouldnt be able to commit to the full 3.5 days of the trial, anyways!

It was quite the experience, but it wasnt nearly as exciting as Runaway Jury.  Plus, I didnt see Cusack, Hoffman, or Hackman!

Alas, Ive had a crazy morning/afternoon & am just now finding a brief moment to update you all and let you know that at worst case I will have a long post tomorrow!

It will be a dousy & include:

  • Some ways I healthified fatty favorites
  • Full recap of eats with foodie photos
  • How I manage to fit in a ‘workout’ on days where there is not enough hours in the day

Todays one of those days when you just have to roll with the punches even if your schedule is completely thrown off. Have you ever had jury duty? Have you ever had to ‘report’ only to be sent home?

When life gives you lemons!



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9 responses to “Roll with the punches

  1. Oh man, that sounds so stressful! Watching runaway jury (one of my faves) actually makes me want to BE on a jury, hah. I’m sure it’s not that glamorous. I’ve never been summoned…

  2. Oh girl what a day!! I’ve never had jury duty and am hoping to put that off for a loooong time.

  3. oh dang how stressful! good luck!

  4. oh man, good thing you remembered!!

  5. Good for you…that would have sent me into a tailspin! I am not good at rolling with the punches at all!!

  6. traveleatlove

    I JUST left jury duty. It was sooooo boring! I forgot about it until I got a postcard in the mail on Friday, so it threw me a little too. Glad that’s over with!

  7. Jury duty is different in the UK. If your not picked for the first trial you still have to go every day (for 2 week I think) and wait around to be picked for other trials. My Dad did it once and was picked for a trial the second day, he said it was very boring sitting around all day waiting.

    • they used to do something similar to that in the us. about 20 years ago you were on jury duty for 3 months in a row or so and could end up serving on multiple cases. now they try to have it so you do one day/one trial kind of thing. unless you are selected for the jury pool of a longer trial like i was!

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