Im a huge fan of following the 80/20 rule. I eat healthy, balanced food 80% of the time & then I have the freedom to eat whatever the hell I want the other 20% of the time. Honestly, it keeps me sane an allows me to eat healthy the majority of the time. Few days go by without some chocolate or a treat of some sort. And so far it works pretty well, as long as Im not out of control 20% of the time!

On days like yesterday when I literally work all day from 9-9 its easy to eat healthy because every meal & snack preplanned and prepacked plus – it allows me a little extra wiggle room for a night time snack if Im feeling snacky.



Toasted bagel with Veggie Neufchatel – which Im pretty sure just means Cream Cheese in some fancy language.

Snack #1: Dannon Greek Yogurt

This was my first time trying this kind & I was so excited when I saw it on the dairy shelf at the grocery store.


They were $1.19 each, which is so cheap for prepackaged Greek yougurts. Oikos or Fage is $2.00 at the cheapest & onsale.

They come in Strawberry, Vanilla, & Plain flavors & are 0% fat.


It had the consistency of regular yogurt and wasnt nearly as thick as I would of expected for Greek yogurt.

It tasted exactly like Strawberry flavored regular yogurt, which I neither like or paid for.


I still have the Vanilla to try, which I am hoping changes my opinions. They were sold out of the Plain, but I also look forward to testing that one out. As for the Strawberry I wouldnt buy it again.


I had a banana, some Quaker Oatmeal Squares, &Vanilla soy milk.

Check out these wacky siamese squares:

Snack #2: Anjou Pear

Dinner: WW Thin Bun – my grocery store is not carrying sanwich thins anymore! – with some Oasis hummus, slice of pepperjack, & romaine with a side of baby carrots.

 Although I ate healthy all day I definitely didnt eat enough. When I made it home Matt & I broke into our new favorite snack. Kinda like the sandwich I forgot to take the photo until it was too late! Buy these, try these! YUM!

Are you a 80/20 eater? How would you describe your eating pattern? What tips works well for you?

Have a great Sunday!



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11 responses to “80/20

  1. Usually I’m an 90/10 eater but I definitely have 0/100 days 😉

    A little bit of junk food isn’t going to hurt anyone. Sometimes I need it to satisfy myself emotionally. Weird but I always get right back on track.

    I’m wondering if they are going to stop making sandwich thins… My grocery store doesn’t carry them anymore either!

  2. I think I’m on this 80/20 dealie as well. I know that I stay on track during the week, just because of my schedule..but the weekend the 15-20 percent sort of kicks in and I let myself have a little somethinsomethin more 🙂

  3. I’m not big on the 80/20 thing. There are somethings I do 100/0, like when it comes to food being natural or not. But beyond that, I’d say I’m all over the board and I like it like that. There are some times I just eat really healthy all day and others when I only want chocolate and those buffalo bleu chips(a personal favorite), and I’m OK doing that because it’s all under my 100/0

  4. I agree with Evan. I eat whole foods 99 percent of the time, but will throw in some higher calorie eats in there. I don’t really like most “junk” food, but I do love real sugar. Mmmm.

  5. I’m totally an 80/20 but I will have some kind of treat, no matter how small, every day. It keeps me sane.

    Too bad about the sandwich thins!!!

  6. I try to eat healthy throughout the week and then leave the weekends for a few treats.

  7. I’d say I’m pretty close to being an 80/20 eater. I think it’s a smart idea, as it’s a nice way to remind yourself that nothing is off limits, but it’s about focusing on eating whole, natural foods most of the time. 😀

    Glad to hear your review on the dannon greek yogurt. I haven’t heard too many rave reviews so far…sounds like Oikos is still the favored one out there! 😀

  8. Kat

    That all looked so yummy.
    I used to be all or nothing. Just this week I am experimenting with one ‘cheat’ meal on Sundays. Was kinda nice, we’ll see. It’s hard for me to get back on track sometimes.

  9. That 80/20 rule is the best ever! a simple and beautiful idea for eating healthy AND without guilt!

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