Weekend Workout Free & TRH

Ah Weekends! Who doesnt love Saturdays and Sundays? And, its Super Bowl weekend! Hooray for snacks & the half time show – I mean football 🙂

I awoke on my day off to a bit of a breakfast bafflement (is that a word?). I had no fruit so oatmeal wasnt a go – negative on the cereal front, too. I didnt want a bagel or eggs of any kind so I settled on a kinda-breakfast, but mostly a.m. snack instead. I guess it was a win-win, since I woke up later than normal and wasent looking for a super large bfast & I am trying to whittle down my bar collection!

Snack #1: A hefty handful of dark choco chips – dont worry those are clean dishes!

Lunch-o-Leftovers: WW Penne, Marinara, Scoop of Ricotta

Snack #2: Pear – eaten after filling the fridge & cabinents with tasty groceries; mostlyeaten  because I hadnt had a single fruit or veggie all day & partly to keep my hand out of the chip bag!


We ended up doing dinner with some friends at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate a birthday. Overall, TRH is not one of my favorites especially when I think back  to when I was a vegetarian and could find virtually nothing to eat, but Im flexible and I roll with the punches plus – I wasnt the birthday girl!

As part of our February challenge we are abstaining from going out to eat with the exceptions of our friends birthday dinners & the duration of our cruise vacation. When you put it that way, its not really much of a challenge is it? Well, its still been testing us! When you cant go out you want to so much more!

The birthday girl got a free app & decided on the Onion Blossom, of which I had a plate:

Bread – 50% of the time I pass up the bread basket, but the other 50% of the time its too good to not eat!

For dinner I ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich & a side salad instead of fries. Being as difficult as I am I asked for no cheese or croutons & some Ranch on the side. My take on salads is the ‘extras’ are just extras & if Im already indulging (hello Onion Blossom!) then I dont need to overdo it! Plus, Id rather have a little bit of ranch & forgo the packaged croutons.

I ate the pickle & 1/2 of the sandiwch before I wimped out. Too much food!

Nutella Winner!

Thank you to everyone for entering! I ended up doing the drawing 1/2 old fashioned, half new age! I wrote everyones name down for as many times as they entered and then entered 1-33 into the random integer engine at random.org

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2010-02-06 19:10:32 UTC

Congrats Julie, from Cheese & Cookies. You are the proud owner of a jar of Nutella…it isnt PB Loco but its still awesome 😉 Julie- email me your address at WhatKateAte@gmail.com so you can be eating Nutella on toast asap!


For your viewing pleasure

I prompted Matt to take a couples photo at dinner and this is what I ended up with:

Take two was much better!

What Kates Dogs Ate

Are these dog cookies not the cutest things, ever?

Fridays are my Saturday

Because I traditionally work all day on Saturday, Fridays are really my day off with the exception of Sunday of course! Naturally, I use Friday to get some things crossed of my to-do-list, to clean up the house, and relax!

Yesterday consisted of:

  • Deep cleaning kitchen
  • Picking up the house
  • Folding laundry
  • Resigning our apartment lease
  • Meal planning
  • Grocery shopping x 2
  • & CSI re-runs!

And on Fridays, I usually never work out!

I used to try to exercise on the weekend but either I work or its one of the only full days I have off so I never did! Instead of working out Id feel guilty and lazy for not getting my butt to the gym, so I changed my workout schedule around. Now I traditionally work out Sunday-Thursday but do different forms of exercise to give my body breaks when it needs it. From time to time I take off a day here or a workout there, really making sure to listen to what my body needs.

I guess Im just one of those people who likes to have an entire day ‘off’ – workouts included! What does your workout, exercise, or training schedule look like?

See you tomorrow for a full weekend recap! Enjoy the big game if you are watching it & your Sunday in general!



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9 responses to “Weekend Workout Free & TRH

  1. I always want to get a good workout in on the wknd but since I have been doing my marathon long runs Thursday night I am spent!

  2. aww great picture girl!!
    your sandwich looks great! i love pulled bbq!

  3. Sounds like you did well with dinner and the salad actually looks yummy! I’m with you on the “extras.” I usually keep the croutons if they are good and forego the cheese. And that bread looks awesome.. I could never pass up yeast rolls 🙂

    I really, really believe rest days are super important, as is listening to your body. While I used to work myself to death, beyond what my body wanted, when i can exercise again I will be incorporating rest days on my busiest days, tuesdays and thursdays.

  4. Hello! Just found your blog! Cute picture

  5. I don’t workout on the weekend and usually try to do some form of exercise every weekday.

  6. wahooo!! I won!!! Thanks girl!
    Cute pic of you and yo’ man 🙂

  7. I’m not a fan of chain restaurants, but for steak, Texas Roadhouse is my family’s favorite. They do a nice job: I’ve never had a bad meal there. Their bread is hard to turn down! I order my salads the same way: dressing on the side, holding a few of the toppings. I always feel like a pain, but I tend to tip the server a bit more for putting up with me – as long as they are nice about it!

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