Its not done unless you end with some FUN!

Sorry for my lack of blogging yesterday, I was so excited to get the giveaway rolling & setting up the new domain name that I never ended up posting! Lets back up:

Like any morning that involves maple syrup & hot chocolate – Tuesday started off with a bang!

The bowl contained:

  • 1/3 c oats
  • 1/2 c water: I never measure, but thats my guesstimate!
  • 1/2 a Braeburn apple
  • Cinnamon
  • Drizzle of TJs maple syrup straight form Vermont


Lunch was also breakfast like.

A bagel-wich with 2 egg whites & some cheese. I also had a CaraCara & an Adora disk to round out the meal.

This is actually a ‘plain’ aka white bagel, but according to NuVal it was the best decision nutritionally compared to other flavors of the same brand! Interesting, no?


After my late lunch I was feeling bakey & ended up making a sweet treat that required zero baking & zero talent really!

Cashew, Cherry, & Chocolate Clusters

You need 3 things:
1. Meltable Chocolate
2. Dried fruit of some kind – cranberries, cherries, pineapple
3. Nuts of some kind – almonds, peanuts, cashews

How to: Melt your chocolate & swirl in your ingredients. Scoop up a blob of your mixture and put it on a surface where it can harden in the frige – I lined a cookie sheet with aluminium foil. Enjoy!

I ended up eating one of these sweet treats before heading to work. After I got home, I whipped up a quick homemade pizza on a WW Boboli crust using up some mozzarella cheese, 1/2 a can of diced tomatoes, & some dried basil.

Margharita Pizza

Wednesdays breakfast was a favorite:

Before sitting down to watch the season premire of Lost on DVR I made a monstrous salad inspired by IGE.

Layer 1: Romaine
Layer 2: 1/2 a Braeburn
Layer 3: A Moro orange
Layer 4: Dried Apricots
Layer 5: Dried cranberries
Layer 6: A drizzle of Poppyseed dressing

With some WheatThins for good measure:

I dont know about you, but regardless of whatever crackers I have in the house WheatThins are my go-to. Sure Kashis are good, Whole Foods has some decent crunchers, & TJs Gorgonzola Crisps rock… but at the end of the day Im happy to live with WheatThins.

Dinner & Dessert & Dinner, again?

I ended up eating 2 unphotographed slices of leftover Margharita pizza for dinner before yoga. I also ended up eating 2 clusters for dessert and definitely had my fair share of pizza wontons that Matt made while we watched Burn Notice – oops! Not my healthiest of nights.

For Fun

My pal Ally from Sweet&Savory requested that I filled out this fun foodie questionnaire – 5 Foodie Facts about Kate:

When did you discover your love for cooking/baking?

Although my parents didnt cook a ton, I still remember curling up in their bed on Sunday mornings and watching the Food Network. Even though Ive had fond thoughts of Emeril & the gang for years, I actually didnt start cooking until Matt & I moved into together 3 years ago and I was introduced to the blog world. Truly, everything I know has been self taught and been mostly guided by food blogs.

Favorite food to make?

Burgers are one of my all time favorite foods. Even when I was a vegetarian (for 7 years!!) I still had veggie burgers, faux chicken burgers, & homemade black bean burgers all the time. Burgers are so easy to play around with & impossible to screw up – plus I love anything that goes with beer!

Top eat of all time?

I have 3:
1. Matt and I spent last Valentine’s Day at a B&B in Greenbay, Wisconsin. We ate at the best little hole in the wall Italian restaurant.
2. I have a passion and love for all things Greek including the food! Tzatiki is probably one of my favorite all time foods!
3. Pulled pork. I ❤ pulled pork – anytime, anywhere, Im game.

Most disliked food?

I have a few foods that I turn my nose up to and they are mushrooms, olives, & tomatoes. Okay – hear me out. I am constantly working on getting over these food-phobias. I like tomatoes & mushrooms in things, but I can not eat a hunk of either raw or in a salad. As far as olives, I can taste them a mile away and they remain reason numero uno for why I could never be a full Greek!

Food you still haven’t tried to make but want to?

I have had quinoa, but I have yet to make it myself. I even have a bag in the cabinent waiting for its use on some rainy day. It will happen soon! Send some good quinoa recipes my way if you have any!

I tag you – if you have a blog & read this, it is your turn! Let me know in the comments or tag me back so I can read all about your 5 Foodie Facts!

IGE’s Giveaway

Enter to win some Chobani at IowaGirlEats.

New Domain Name

Nutella Giveaway

The giveaway ends tomorrow night, so make sure you enter to win a jar of Nutella so you can celebrate National Nutella Day in style!

Ways to enter:

1. Leave me a comment here telling me how you love to eat Nutella

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9 responses to “Its not done unless you end with some FUN!

  1. Hey Kate! Love that you did the fun food facts….although you linked me to the wrong website. Mine is No worries!

  2. Everything looks delicious! I love your dog’s lil head down there!

    I want Nutella!

  3. Following you on Twitter!

  4. You’re on my blogroll!

  5. girl GREAT eats today!! love your salad too!!

  6. mmm that pizza looks good! might be time for dinner for this kate 🙂

  7. Those random facts were so much fun!!!
    And amazing eats as usual. The bagel sammie looks especially delicious… all the melty cheese! And I love salads with fruit. Some people think that it is the strangest thing…

  8. Those random facts are a blast! I love reading! And can I just say that cashews, cherries and chocolate: you might have just become my hero! 🙂

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