Its February!

Happy February!

We are officially one month in to 2010, and what better way to kick off the month than to update you all on my progress on my 10 goals for 2010, host a contest, & tell you what I ate on the last day of the month!

Kate’s 10 in 2010:

1.  Attend a yoga retreat
2. Journal while on vacation
3. Have friend get-togethers
4. Triathlon – I have picked my triathlon & am working on my training plan
5. Send out birthday cards – I have sent out some of the first birthday cards of this year, and addressed a handful more so they are ready to be mailed out
6. Go on a road trip
7. Coach swimming
8. Volunteer
9. Reinstate date night – Matt & I recently put together a 12 month guide that has date ideas & couple activities to keep us close throughout 2010
 10. Get two massages

This years list, like last years, encompasses a bunch of different areas that I want to work on. All of these goals are attainable to me, except maybe the massage one! Last year on my list of 9 things I wanted to accomplish in 2009 the only task I didn’t complete was getting a massage! Can you believe that?

I completed a 5k, experimented and fell in love with hot yoga, visited a new country (or 4!), and transferred schools…but I failed to get a massage. As punishment I put getting two massages on this years list – and it will happen!

Ive always had the mentality that ‘rewards’ like getting massages should be given to myself after Ive accomplished something. So, the goal was that after I completed my 5k I would be treated to a massage. It’s a great thought in theory, but Im worth a massage right now. I don’t need to wait until I run x-amount of miles or lose x-amount of weight. I think you can incorporate rewards as part of your motivational strategy, but as of lately I am also a huge fan of treating yourself right for no reason at all!

February: No Going Out to Eat!

Today also marks the beginning of our month long challenge to not go out to eat. Who needs it anyways? Matt & I will be spending a little longer than a week on a cruise to South America so in order to make sure all of our extra cash is going towards our vacation, and all of the extra calories we consume on-board don’t catch up with us we are staying out of restaurants for the entire month of February.

Anyone looking for a good money saving, healthy eating challenge? Here it is:


  1. No going out to eat
  2. Every kind of grab & go food counts – Starbucks, drivethrus, you get the idea!


  1. Birthday dinners – We have a few close friends who are celebrating February birthdays. Right now we have two on the calendar: 1 in the beginning & 1 right before we take off for our cruise.
  2. Premade grocery store food – if you get it from the grocery store, its not counted as ‘going out to eat’, but use your best judgement!

Good Luck! Let me know if you are in on the challenge, we may end up having some prizes if a few people want to join in!


 Matt & I slept in so late on Sunday that by the time I got up, drank some hot cocoa, & watched the Dexter season finale (oh my god!!) it was time for me to meet my friend Aubrey for lunch.

We decided on a new restaurant downtown that allows you to pick your own ingredients either for pizza, pasta, or salad. I went with a make your own salad & soup.

My salad included: Romaine, red peppers, gorgonzola/blue cheese, red onions, walnuts, & cucs with Greek dressing on the side. I ended up eating ½ of my Tomato Basil soup and ½ of the roll- both of which rocked.

I loved this restaurant. The ingredients were fresh & I loved that you got to pick your own. The menu even had notations next to the healthiest options, specifying which were in the 150 Most Healthy Foods to Eat group!

After lunch Aubrey & I shopped at some of the boutiques downtown and got ourselves some major steals! I ended up with a pair of brown leather boots & some black & grayish-purple leggings. Both were on my ‘to-buy’ list – winter essentials, ya know?

We headed to the 4pm hot yoga class at Zenergi. It was fabulous as usual – their instructors are the best. After showering up, I started making dinner for Matt & I.

Chicken Fra Diavolo:

  • 1 chicken breast [diced]
  • 4 oz WW linguine/pasta
  • ½ can of diced tomatoes [use entire can if you have no fresh tomato on hand]
  • ½ fresh tomato
  • Garlic [minced]
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • ½ red onion [diced]
  • Seasonings: S&P, Oregano, Red Pepper Flakes

How to: While water for pasta is boiling, add garlic, onions, and oil to sauté pan. While onions are softening, chop chicken breast into bite size pieces.

Add chicken to pan along with diced tomatoes & seasonings. Allow sauce to simmer until chicken is cooked thoroughly and pasta is al dente. Drain pasta & mix with sauce.

Usually Fra Diavolo is made with shrimp, but I knew we had chicken in the freezer so it made sense for us to use the chicken. Use more or less red pepper flakes, depending on how spicy you want your sauce to be.

I served my pasta on a bed of romaine.

Once I had a decent photo I added a little marinara & had 1/2 a toasted sandwich thin.

It was a very yummy meal!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous February 1st – it is the month of Cupid & candy shaped hearts after all!



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12 responses to “Its February!

  1. savoringsarah

    My biggest goal is to finish my first triathlon this year, as well!!! When is your big race??

    That Fra Diavolo looks soo good. I know I would like it based on the amount of crushed red pepper I can see in the close up 😉

  2. This challenge sounds great! I try to eat out as little as possible. I think it’s even more fun when you’re at home and really get to choose exactly what you want. And even if you want a “treat” for dinner, you can always buy a better cut of meat and it will still be less than going out. I’m all for this!

  3. Great challenge, although I don’t think I could stick to it 🙂

  4. I’ve never heard of pasta on lettuce but that sounds great!
    Picture of the boots? I have a boot obsession. I found some great ones by Steve Madden and i’m. in. love.
    I’d love to join your challenge buuuut I’m not sure I can live happily without Starbucks..

  5. Tracy & Dustin

    Dustin and I were just talking about not going out to eat this month (except for maybe my birthday!! :)). I’m going to talk to him when he gets home and see if he wants to set it in stone as a goal this month. I’ll let you know and maybe write a post about it linking back to your blog! I am uber jealous of your cruise…sail on over to meee!

  6. weightwatchersforone

    I kind of eat out quite a bit.. I don’t think I could handle the challenge although there are quite a few benefits for eating all meals in.
    I always put my pasta on top of my salad too!! I love the pasta/lettuce mixture– so good!

    • i love going out to eat, too! but i know its better overall to cut back once and a while. i bet you could do it if you put your mind to it! dont cut yourself short! salad + pasta = the way to go! glad you enjoy it, too!

  7. What a great challenge…although my husband and I rarely eat out. We would rather spend the money on quality food for our house and cook up our own goodness! 🙂

  8. what great looking food! both lunch and dinner sound excellent. my sis and i have been talking about an eat-in type challenge lately. i think she might do it to save money, but i am torn. i definitely could reduce the amount of times i eat out but i am pretty good about bringing bfast and lunch to work daily, and i like to cook dinner for myself too. i only go out to eat really when i am having a fun night with a girlfriend and i dont want to give that up! sometimes we do nights in but since we dont live super close by, it can be easier to just meet at our favorite restaurant. good luck tho, i want to hear all about ur success!!

    • ya i know what you mean, we are in the same boat as far as usually only going out for bdays, get togethers, date nights. but we need to save a little bit of m any and make sure we are staying on track before & after vaca!

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