Operation Unwind

I had such a busy Saturday & I was literally on the go all day – but it was awesome! I headed to work bright & early and ate a glorious PB&J Breakfast Cookie. Since Im up early and have a really hands on job I usually throw one of these in my bag or grab a bar of some sort. Its easy & it usually balances out since I have oats, yogurt, or cereal the rest of the week. I do miss having fruit with my breakfast though, so I almost always have a fruity snack.


Followed by a mid morning snack, that almost went unphotographed.


Lets play a game: Who can guess what I do for work?

Hints: In this photo there are winter shoes (like my ugly little Uggs), summer shoes (flip flops!), towels, & coats.

I worked until about noon & then had a quick break before teaching a community CPR class. I love teaching classes like these where people from all different walks of live gather. Are you certified in CPR? If not, are you still looking for a New Years Resolution?


For lunch I enjoyed a prepacked egg salad sandwich on a WW sandwich thin; a strawberry Oikos; a Moro Orange. Usually people have strong thoughts on egg salad whether its in favor or against. Personally, Ive just started to learn to love egg salad. Its an easy & cheap alternative to deli meat, plus I try to have as many vegetarian meals during the day as possible. This salad contained: Hard boiled eggs, some dijon mustard, & horseradish sauce since we were out of mayo. It was also loaded up with S&P and accompanied by some crunch Romaine. Love me some crunch!


Matt & I were invited over to our friends house for a Game Night; our hosts even made us dinner! We got news that we were having soup for our meal so we made a pit stop to get some crusty bread & some snacks for later on!

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. I ended up eating 3/4 of my bowl with 2 slices of the crusty baguette. It was so warming and comforting. There is something so special about homemade soup of any kind. I definitely need to be making more soup, especially on lesiurely Saturday afternoons. YUM!

Along with dinner, I had the World’s Best Green Tea:

I believe this tea was one of the ones that came from a specialty tea shop in downtown Chicago, but it was the most wonderful tea Ive ever had – I will be making a downtown detour next time Im visiting my other two favorite stores on either: Ikea & Trader Joe’s. Has anyone had this kind of tea before?


After dinner we started a highly competitive game of The Settlers of Catan & periodically munched on some of the snacks we brought.


Although the boys did the majority of the snacking I did have my fair share of Red Hot Blues with some unpictured guac. All of these products were new to me, but all of them get my seal of approval – we did a great job picking out some chips&salsa heavy weights!


After our cut throat game subsided we took made a mad dash to the co-op to pick up some sweet treats. Matt & I ended up with a monster cookie bar & some Ben&Jerrys Creme Brulee ice cream. I had about a serving of the ice cream, which proved to be way too much! The ice cream was good, but so sugary & rich I practically felt like death after eating it.  Lesson learned!

On a more cheery topic, we discussed going on a Yellowstone trip last night & I think the four of us are going to plan to go in May! Tons of hiking, buffalo chasing, & driving will be in store!

The rest of my night includes unwinding & spending time with my boys. See ya later!



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3 responses to “Operation Unwind

  1. Um yeah i’m totally craving chicken noodle soup so I must say that bowl looks amazing! I need to make some. It’s so easy, so good, and so much better for you than canned soup.. why not? And I happen to love egg salad, the way I make it. It’s full of protein and so yummy!

  2. PB and J cookie?!!? ymm!!
    ive been craving soup like NO other bc of the cold weather!

  3. ive never tried that flavor but you cant really go wrong with ben & jerry’s! my favorite pint to get is half baked froyo 🙂

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