I <3 Fridays

I Love Friday!

I had such a wonderful Friday! It all started on the right foot with some good breakfast food. I prepared breakfast cookies for Matt & I the night before. After eating packaged Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookies, I was craving a homemade one! Plus, I had seen someone use cocoa powder/hot chocolate in oats & it looked so good! [I cant remember who it was, Im sorry! Let me know in the comments if you were the genius!]

Cocoa Breakfast Cookie:
1/3 c oats
1/2 banana
1/3 c cocoa powder [Im crazy for cocoa!]
1/8 c soy milk

So good!!! Even Matt loved it & he prefers his oatmeal hot & with cinnamon! I think my two star ingredients were the key.


After breakfast I realized I had some unfinished work to do, so on my day off I had to go into work! I ended up getting tied up for a few hours & didn’t even stop for a snack! I ended up meeting a friend at Starbucks to catch up and order my very first Vivianno smoothie.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie with a Tangelo. Can someone fill me in on what the elo part is of a Tangelo. I get the Tang is part Tangerine, but Elo?

Once returning home from my friend-date I sat myself down on the couch with some DVR to catch up on The Biggest Loser. Ah! I missed you Jillian & Bob. My ‘lunch’ kept me satisfied for an hour or two, but I was feeling snacky so I had a serving of these little guys:

His & Her Dinners

As part of our New Years Relationship Resolutions, I made the ‘Her’ part of dinner last night.

On the menu was:

Roasted Asparagus

Tri-colored Orzo

Mozzarella & Proscuitto Stuffed Chicken Breast


Stuffed chicken is so easy to make. Matt tenderized the meat & then I just put some cheese and sliced Proscuitto in there and rolled it. It was not the most beautiful display, but it tasted really good.

You cant love a day without chocolate!


Were off to an Alehouse for dinner & brews with some friends. Hope the rest of your weekend is awesome!



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7 responses to “I <3 Fridays

  1. I’ve completely forgotten about Vivanno’s. They’re the best! It’s just too cold for anything frozen

  2. Kristie

    My guess is that the -elo is for pomelo. Not sure though 🙂

  3. Oh Vivanno’s are awesome! Yum..

  4. Looks like your dog is eyeing up that chocolate too 🙂

  5. Are you talking about the Alehouse in North Liberty? If so, I’ve been there…really good. Your stuffed chix also looks yummy!

    And you’ve reminded me I have a$25 Starbucks giftcard I need to use up!

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