A Day of Good Eats

Happy Almost Weekend!

Unfortunately the majority of my weekend will be spend working, but we do have a few fun things planned! As part of my 10 Resolutions for 2010, I vowed to reinstate date night for Matt & I. We brainstormed for a few days and ultimately decided we wanted to have some monthly dates/goals to keep us close & on task!

Unfortunately, due to poor planning on our part we may have overbooked ourselves this weekend & may have to extend one of the nights into February! We originally planned for Saturday & Sunday to be the two days we cooked each other dinner, but we have a friends birthday dinner on Sunday. So we switched the days to Friday & Saturday, but were invited to a game night at another couples on Saturday! So, we are going to play it by air (ear?).

Heres our list:

January – His & Her Dinners: We each planned a special meal to cook for the other one. I usually am the cook in our house, so it will be a nice change of pace for me! Plus, we will save money!

February – No going out to eat month: In order to save money & our eating from sabotage before we leave for our vacation, were vowing as couple to steer clear of all restaurants during the month of February. Exceptions only will be made for birthday dinners & we think we may have 1 or 2 on the calendar.

March – 30 Day Shred: Well be returning from our indulgent cruise, and definitely need some sort of goal to keep us accountable & active once we return to the states!

April – Chicago Trip: Weve been wanting to visit the 312 Brewery in Chicago for a while, and we are planning on re-doing our living room so an Ikea trip is in order. I also suspect a Trader Joes trip will happen!

May – Fishing: Matt has been wanting to take me fishing for quite some time now, so were going to gear up & hit the lakes in May.

June – Sand Volleyball: There are a bunch of local sand volleyball pits around our area & what better way to celebrate the summer with some friends, some beer, & some sand?

July – To Be Announced: We originally planned on visiting the Field of Dreams in July, but I am in the process of negotiating some summer jobs that will take me away from away from the middle of June until the middle of August. So, we may have to plan something entirely different for July!

August – Camping: Details arent set in stone yet, but we hope to take one camping weekend this summer. We may end up going to the Field of Dreams for our August activity, though.

September – Cooking Class: Fall is a busy time for us, but its all the more reason why we need to stick to our specific relationship goals! Our local co-op has fantastic cooking classes that we plan to go to at least one this September!

October – Host Taco-ctoberfest: After reading about all the fun Taco/Beer fests other bloggers are having, I decided we had to add this festivity to our rotation!

November – Volunteer at a food shelter/kitchen: I cant think of a better time to give back to the community & this is something that definitely an attainable goal for us!

December – Ski: We want to go on a small ski get-away this year & December seems like just the time to do it. Plus, we can brainstorm for 2011’s relationship goals!

We tried to have a bunch of different areas represented in our goals. Obviously some cost more than others, but we tried to balance it out. We also  made sure we had some healthy living objectives & included a few outdoorsy things since we love nature! What kind of goals do you try to put in place to keep your relationships (with friends, family, or significant others) ‘healthy’?


For breakfast yesterday I had a filling, quick breakfast cookie! Although I am a huge fan of Fitnessista’s unique creation, this one was actually a packaged one:


Erin Baker’s breakfast cookies are amazing! I love all the flavors but my faves are double chocolate chunk, peanut butter & jelly, & the seasonal ones she has that involve cherries & pumpkin – yum! If you have these in your grocery store, seriously pick them up! They are made with a ton of all natural ingredients & are the quintessential grab-&-go breakfast! Plus, they are affordable!

Lunch was a grab & go style meal. I had a mini salad of mixed lettuce, fresh mozzarella, & some cucs. I also enjoyed a new yogurt & a crunchy Braeburn.

Wallaby Organic is a new yogurt brand for me, but Ive seen it around our co-op for a while & decided to finally take the plunge! Im glad I did because this Maple flavor rocked. Its a Creamy Lowfast Australian Yogurt & its good! I still have a chocolate one in the fridge that Im saving for a decadent occasion!

My snack was pretty awesome too. I loaded up a banana with some Sunbutter for when hunger struck in the afternoon.


We had a pretty routine dinner for us: Burgers, SP fries, & Kale Chips.

I love french fries, but SP are such a healthy & tasty alternative. Plus kale chips? They are amazing. Kath you are a genius!

We did a little twist on our burgers:

Cranberry & Rosemary Burgers

  • 1/2 pound grass-fed ground beef
  • 1/8 c dried cranberries
  • 1/8 c fresh rosemary [roughly chopped & separated from stem]
  • 1/8 c Worchestireshire sauce
  • Seasonings: S&P

How to: Mix ingredients together & form into 2 patties. Grill & devour. I would suggest trying these with ground turkey, but our deli was fresh out & I didnt want to deal with frozen meat!

I skipped dessert last night, but snacked on a few Pop chips while we watched 500 Days of Summer. Great soundtrack, decent movie.

Enjoy your last weekend of January!



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9 responses to “A Day of Good Eats

  1. I’ve seen those cookies and have wondered how they’d be for a snack or dessert; they’re kind of expensive here though.
    Those burgers sound REALLY good

  2. WOW those burgers sound amazing! Can’t wait to try that out for sure! I also liked your monthly goals…that is so cool!! 🙂

  3. Date night is v important. I will tell my bf this and use you as reference. You tell him women need romancing. 🙂

  4. So happy you added me to your blog roll, but I can’t see it. Where is it?

  5. Oh my goodness those cookies are delish!! Luvin’ it =D

    <33 cor

  6. SP fries are THE best thing ever. Seriously. I’ve eaten them so much lately. Who doesn’t love a fry that is good for you?

    And your plans sound so fun!

  7. what a great list! so many fun events and i bet they are 100% more likely to happen now that you have them all slated out!

    thanks for the shout out the other day. u are too cute 🙂

  8. Meg

    Sounds like such a fun year of events! And all your meals look so yummy — I love SP fries!

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