Learning to Breathe

Humpday Breakfast: A Mocha-walla Odwalla bar & a banana.

 This was my first time trying this particular flavor & I loved it. It was coffee-ish & chocolate-y, and a perfect on-the-go breakfast. Plus, they were on sale for 99 cents – score!



Lunch was exactly what I wanted – a toasted WW sandwich thin with romaine, cucs, &  a slice of pepperjack, a Moro orange, & some Pop Chips! The orange was more like a purple & it was SO tasty. I had never seen such a thing before, but my grocery store was giving out free samples & they sucked me in! I tried to get a nice upclose, zoomed in shot of the purple passion, but all my pics fell short. Luckily, I have 2 more sitting in our fruit basket, so you may get an up close & personal photo later this week!

Baby lettuce + frsh mozzarella + proscuitto

The perfect quick, healthy salad.

Breath Work

After dinner I had some ice cream [unpictured] for dessert & headed to yoga. I tried a new yoga class tonight that concentrated on connecting your breath to movement. Of course, a huge part of yoga is breathing, but so often I neglect that portion & solely concentrate on the physical aspects often times pushing myself past the point of comfort & being able to deeply breathe. One of my yoga goals is to really connect with my body & do a better job listening to it.  It was such a nice change of pass and I even got the chance to break down and work piece by piece on my vinyasa flow instead of just being rushed threw the motions. My triceps are sore today!

After yoga Matt & I ran around and took care of a few errands. We went to Target & checked out their furniture. We are looking to re-do our living room and buying some big pieces of furntiure. We found some items that sparked some ideas, but ultimately we are waiting until we get back from our cruise to make some decisions…plus we are obsessed with all things Ikea! While at Target we saw some Dill Pickle Cashews and ended up buying some to sample. They were tasty!

Calling all Guest Posters!

Speaking of our cruise – Is anyone interested in writing a guest post for What Kate Ate? Basically it can be on any topic you wish as long as it fits within the theme of this blog [fitness, food, recipes, weight loss]. If you are interested, and I sincerely hope you are!, then shoot me an email at WhatKateAte@gmail.com.

Hope everyones Thursday is going by quickly! The weekend is almost here.



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7 responses to “Learning to Breathe

  1. i just had meditation and relaxation about breathing the other day!! it was awesome-i learned i was a shallow breather which makes me prone to stress.

    • i had no idea that being a shallow breather made you more prone to stress! i was noticing in class that i have pretty shallow breathing too, which i often feel when im running! definitely something i need to work on!

  2. steena (freak4fitness)

    I’m literally droooooling at your food pics, I just got my braces tightened & haven’t had any solids since Monday!

    Looks like you had a great day. Way to go!

    I’m also uber jealous of your cruise. 🙂

  3. Tracy & Dustin

    Purple orange?! Never heard of it, but it’s pretty awesome. What kind of “orange” is it? I want to get some. And where are you going on a cruise? I need to go on one this year. Dustin and I either want to get married on a cruise or an island. Probably an island, but my mom keeps urging a cruise. 🙂

    • were going to cozumel, costa rica, & panana on an 8day cruise out of ft. lauderdale. anddd i cant wait! i would definitely look into getting married on a cruise…they have wedding planners & all sorts of stuff to help you plan it! plus you can pick whichever one you want. were going out on carnival, and its our first time with them, but ill let you know how they are. i love royal caribbean.

  4. I always forget about the breathing part in yoga too.. I should work on that. Who would think it could make such a big difference?!

    Oh I love Target.. I can’t go in there without coming out with something.. usually a lot of somethings lol 🙂

    I love love Odwalla bars but i’ve never tried that flavor.

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