Biggest Critic

Tonight,per usual, I was running around gathering all of my things for yoga and struggling to get out the door in time. As it turned out I made it in time but with only minutes to spare, as per usual. In an effort to make small talk I mentioned how I was late and unprepared.

One of the yoga instructors told me I needed to be nicer to myself and that in the grand scheme of things it wasnt a big deal. That thought stuck with me throughout class, and even now Im still kind of taken by it.

You mean I dont need to be my own biggest critic? I dont need to stand in yoga class and compare my poses to everyone elses? I dont have to be the best at everything?

It sounds so easy to not compare or to cut yourself a break, but sometimes you really need a reminder to bring you back to Earth. Are you your biggest critic? Do you constantly play the compare and contrast game? Do you get down on yourself when you make petty mistakes?


Yesterday for breakfast, I had one of the best bowls of cereal ever. Yes, I said ever. It contained:

  • Kashi Go Lean Crunch
  • Vanilla Soy Milk
  • A green anjou pear
  • Cinnamonononon
  • TJs Almond Butter


Close up:

Do you measure out a serving size for your cereal? Cereal is one of the only things that I actually pull out a measuring spoon for, mostly becasue its so easy to go overboard on (hello, GrapeNuts!?) and because it prevents me from grabbing a casual handful. Do you measure your cereal, or anything else for that matter? I do have a scale on my counter, but it rarely gets used.

Snack & Lunch

I took a picture of my snack before I headed to work, but only ended up eating the Fage. It may not be Chobani, but it is still tasty!

I had a quickly lunch consisting of a Cara Cara Orange. Am I new to life, or are these grapefruit colored inside? And a WW sandwich thin with a slice of pepperjack & some roasted red peppers & zucchini.


I ended up having the most boring dinner ever, it consisted of a slice of leftover Potato & Rosemary Pizza & a side salad.

Romaine, red onion, red pepper. Dressed with:

Note the mentioned scale in back & some 2 year old artwork.

Slice o’ pie:


Dessert made up for a leftover meal though. I had another Go Lean Cluster. If you havent made these yet…you should!

Dog lovers, this is for you.

And a weekly dose of Ollie:

Good night!



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11 responses to “Biggest Critic

  1. The golean clusters are on my agenda.. they look out of this world!!
    And I think Fage is actually my favorite yogurt, with Chobani a close second, followed by Oikos. Oikos did introduce me to the incredible world of Greek yogurt though so I have to give them some props.

    As for being your own worst critic, what a great realization you had! I definitely am guilty of that. I judge myself more than anyone else ever would. I constantly do that and it’s a habit i’m trying SO hard to break. I compare myself to others all of the time, almost sub-consciously, and i’d really like to break that.

    I do measure cereal, it’s really the only thing I do measure (except when baking).

    • oikos introduced me to the world of greek yogurt as well! my favorite greek yogurt is the kind they give you in greece (duh right! hah) but then fage. i just love the flavors of chobani & most of them i havent even gotten to try yet 😦 someday!
      i agree with you! such a hard habit to break & it almost comes naturally, doesnt it? definitely worth spending some time on improving though!

  2. They are SOOOOO cute! Mine likes to sleep under the covers.

  3. I love fage because it’s all 2% but it’s the most expensive brand here 😦

    • we only have fage and oikos..but i definitely like fage better. oikos & fage tend to be in the same range as far as price too, so its perfect for me! i need chobani in my liiiife though! i think im goign to email my local grocery stores & ask! cant hurt right?

  4. i need to remind myself of that more often. sometimes i feel like a walking stressball HAHA.

    i measure oatmeal, pasta, goat cheese…sometimes peanut butter? i usually don’t bother weighing food but if a serving size is easy (like 1/2 cup for example) i will just go ahead and portion it out!

  5. Meg

    I am a habitual measurer. 🙂 I read that women tend to underestimate how much they eat, so I started pulling out the measuring cups and spoons to make sure I wasn’t getting too heavy handed with anything and not tracking the right calories.

    Those clusters look awesome! I must try them.

    Precious pooches, too! 🙂

    • thats such a good point! i seriously was obsessive with calorie counting (part of the reason hwy i dont anymore) and weighing things. but the more i weighed & counted calories the better idea i had for foods and their cal/fat/etc content. i could probably guestimate calories in most things now & have a pretty good sense of portion sizes – all because of religiously weighing/measuring. its definitely helpful!

  6. Hai

    Wow, from what I see here, its really healthy with a smack of great tasting. I am hungry and its lunch time. I wish I could have some of those :). Nice job Kate! I am taking a break while you are working. *Ha ha!* :9

  7. I’m definitely my own worst critic. I think a lot of people are, though!

    Those GoLean clusters look delicious!!!

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