Weekend Warrior

Hope everyone is having quite the relaxing Sunday! Ours sure has been- we slept in late & then took the dogs over to Matt’s sisters house for a playdate & some breakfast!

Matt’s sister’s roommate [can you keep up with that?] made us breakfast. I had some scrambled eggs, a sausage looking thing, a slice of toast with grape jam, & an orange.

This is the second day in a row Ive had a bigger, heavier than usual breakfast. But its all about balancing the day out. Yesterday for b-fast Matt made some hashbrowns from some leftover mini red potatoes.

My portion: Some potatoes with 1/2 a slice of pepperjack, 2 slices of bacon, & a mixed fruit salad with red anjou pear & a banana.


Quite the difference! To his defense, he would of had some impromptu fruit salad, but I didnt want to share!

Does your significant other eat differently than you? If you are trying to lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle, how does that difference influence you?

I ended up taking a photo of my breakfast with my hand in it, not so I could show off my unpainted fingernails, but because I wanted to give you an idea of my plate sizes. I love to eat off of small plates. I truly feel like eating more food on a small plate vs. eating a smaller portion on a big plate really makes a difference to my psyche. I may just be crazy, but I swear I read that it works somewhere!

Since we ate such a late breakfast & it was on the heavier side I wasnt actually hungry until around 2pm. We were out & about in Cedar Rapids (which is a city 45 minutes away, which also happens to have the only TCBY in the area!) so naturally I grabbed some froyo as a sweet treat.


I have no idea why the cup doesnt say TCBY. I got a small 1/2 Chocolate & 1/2 White Chocolate Mousse. A classy steering wheel shot for you:

Dinner: Athens Style

Before Matt’s sister’s birthday dinner, we spent some time in a local book store where I got a few cookbooks. You can never have too many of those! Once we were done we headed to The Vernon Inn, a Greek restaurant. I was instantly impressed by their decor & their beer selection. So I ordered a Stella Artois to share with Matt:

For dinner we decided to share a sampler platter as our meal. I also got some tzatiki to share & a house salad. Matt settled on getting some sort of Greek soup.

The platter included some traditional Greek faves: pastitisio,  moussaka, spinach pie, grape leaves, & gyro meat.

The amazing pita strips that came with the tzatiki- so good, so fried.

And my house salad smothered in feta:

I ordered the house dressing but a. it wasnt that good & b. the salad didnt need it so I ate it plain. Overall, the restaurant had a pretty good Greek feel & the slow service definitely reminded me of how the Europeans eat- by lamenting over their food and drinks and converstaion. The food was tasty & because its the only Greek place around Id go back. But after eating three meals a day in Greece for 20 days, it just doesnt compare.

After dinner we hurried over to our friends engagement party. I enjoyed a slice of the best dark chocolate & raspberry vegan cake & a glass of unpictured champagne.

Did I mention it was the best cake ever? Seriously, if you live in Iowa you need to go to Fairgrounds & try some of their baked goods. Environmentally and health conscious & to-die-for? Hell yes!


Today wasnt the healthiest, most balanced day but I ate what I wanted and I didnt go crazy on serving sizes. Sure, I could of had a more stablizing breakfast especially since I knew I was going to be going out to eat & to a party with irrestible cake. But, Matt volunteered to make breakfast and Im not about to deny him or myself that pleasure.  As far as the TCBY- I had a healthier snack in my bag waiting for me when I got hungry, but I love froyo & I dont get to go to TCBY often, so I said what the hell.

I used to have this attitude that it was all or nothing. I would have one higher calorie meal & think my whole day was blown, so I would eat & eat & overdo it claiming that the next day would be a fresh start. Now I look at it as one bite is a new choice to be healthy. I try to make generally good choices so I have a little wiggle room on days like today. Im not on a diet so I dont have a diet to ‘blow’ but even if I did, I dont think I would of considered this a loss because I was always in control & I never felt like I ate beyond my ‘full’ point.

What are you attitudes on ‘blowing’ it for the day? What are your qualifications for plates, are they little, big, decorated with flowers? And how does your significant others lifestyle influence yours?

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon! I am planning on hitting a hot yoga class since I couldnt be the Weekend Warrior I planned to be yesterday [we had a leaking drain in our basement prior to heading out for the afternoon/evening, so ended up skipping the free yoga class!] & doing a few things on the blog & around the house!

Have a fabulous evening!



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13 responses to “Weekend Warrior

  1. I think that sharing a plate at a restaurant is the best idea. It helps keep the portions in control, and saves money!!

    To answer your questions, my significant other does his very best to follow my healthy eatting lead. He of course has a bigger appetite and eats more food, but it doesn’t bother me. I think we’re a good fit in the healthy eatting department.

    And for the “blowing it for the day”… i’m not sure.. This only happens to me if I’m out-of-control hungry. But I suppose most people could relate with that instance.

    Good blog!

  2. I agree that every new meal/snack (or bite!) is a new chance to make a healthy choice. It’s all about balance!

  3. My husband eats a lot more than I do but he eats the same things I do. So it is easy. We both have the same goals in life for healthy living. He is a personal trainer and I am a nutrition manager so we fit together quite nicely! 🙂

  4. So i’m really jealous of the fro-yo.. looks so good!!! And the cake.. omg, out of this world!

    I do not currently have a significant other per say but my ex bf used to eat like a typical guy, massive quantities of food. Generally foods such as pizza, fast food, etc. I did what I could to eat healthy despite him and I generally managed well. Except for the pizza. What can you do.

    And I also use smaller plates. It really does work!! I’ve heard it time and time again. It tricks your eyes to think that you are eating more than you actually are. And it generally is plenty of food.

  5. Hey Kate! Thanks for posting on my blog earlier…and now I’ve found yours. I’m also an Iowa girl…where do you live? I live in a small town just east of Iowa City.

  6. Wow that cake looks awesome! Love the middle

  7. Thanks for the Twitter follow! Congrats on your weight loss!

    My husband has actually adjusted to my healthy eating, and has lost weight because of the increased amount of veggies that I’m making for dinner! Some nights, I will make us separate dinners – sometimes my healthy cravings drive him insane!

  8. Kristie

    Oh my goodness, the raspberry goodness oozing out of that cake makes me want some and I don’t even like cake!

    I have plates from a set that have a big and small size… I usually use the small plates so I can fill them up, but I LOVE using the big plates when I’m having something really voluminous and low-calorie like kale chips. 🙂

  9. If you read my blog for any length of time you’ll quickly see that my fiance is NOT a healthy eater. Not even a little bit. What’s funny to me, is the healthier I get the worse he gets. It’s like it’s a challenge to eat bad or something. Weirdo.

    I hate it. I want him to live a long and healthy life and watching him make poor decisions just about kills me.

    It has really enforced my healthy balance approach though. I don’t want us constantly eating different meals or not enjoying fun outtings, etc together so I chose to indulge on certain occasions. This is actually fun and a nice change of pace for me.

    I just wish once in a while he would chose salad over potatoes. So never going to happen. 😦

  10. yay! another kate! thanks so much for stopping by my blog. i think all your eats look delicious and you are right, eating tcby and cake and going out to dinner in one day probably isn’t typical so i wouldnt stress out about it.

    my “blowing it” days usually dont come from eating out or special occasions but more when i am just sitting around doing nothing and i end up eating non stop all day. i never really mind “splurging” for a special occasion; i get more annoyed with myself when i eat a ton of food on a regular old day for no reason other than because it’s there. if that makes sense 🙂

  11. Holy chocomole! That dark chocolate raspberry vegan cake is making me salivate!!

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