Sweet Home…Iowa

I finally got back from my New Year travels yesterday. In few words, Greece was absolutely beyond words, but I plan to do a full recap later!

Today is all about getting my life in Iowa back on track (which of course includes work, school, home, & the like) and posting my first blog post ever. With that, this morning I treated myself to a filling and very healthy-foot-forward breakfast of oatmeal.

Note: Excuse all of the poor quality photos for this time being- I dropped my camera in a museum in Athens and unfortunately it has yet to recover. Until my back account does the same, I will be taking food photos from my telephone!

  • 1/2 c oats
  • 1 packet of assorted nuts (saved from Starbucks oatmeal-t0-go)
  • 2 tsp brown sugar
  • a drizzle of real maple syrup from TJ’s

Coming back from a food filled vacation to a simple, nurishing bowl of oats was exactly what the doctor ordered. And a great way to get back on track to healthy, balanced eating!

Today I plan on attending my first class of the semester- Stats. And after that Im off to Sam’s Club and the market to stock up on some great food, and maybe a sample or two?!

Things to look foward to tomorrow:

  • This weeks meal list
  • Photos from our shopping expedition
  • Some tabs on this blog! An about page, anyone?
  • Some super awesome photos from Greece & Italy
  • A review of today’s yummy eats

Just a tease…



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4 responses to “Sweet Home…Iowa

  1. Tracy & Dustin

    I am super jealous of your trip to Greece! One of my top places I need to see before I die…along with a million other places. I’m also an oatmeal convert, as of recently. I loooove it!

    So excited to keep up with you through your blog now. Yippeeee!

  2. frogsandmen

    wow beautiful photos!

  3. Greece is in my Top 3 places to visit. Can’t wait to see your photos!!

  4. Beautiful pictures of Greece!

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